Extracurricular Activities

By Jackie McFarland

iViva Mexico!

After exhibiting in southern California for the summer season, we wish the Mexican riders well on returning to their beautiful country. Certainly not going home empty-handed, this group of equestrians earned countless ribbons and quite a bit of prize money during their six-week stay, including wins and top ribbons in the last five grand prix events. Details are in this week’s highlights and in previous newsletters.

Two of these top show jumpers, Olympians Enrique Gonzales and Antonio Chedraui, also wear show manager hats down in Mexico with their respective companies Equsport and Coapexpan. Wanting to find a way to promote their shows, Enrique and Equsport partner Federico Fernandez approached Monica Ward, well-known not only for her position with Allon Fine Equestrian Clothing and J2 Rolling Meadows but also for her social skills, about hosting a small gathering in Del Mar. Once Monica embraced the idea, it was full steam ahead.

Monica took this opportunity to organize a few great sponsors and convince them that it was time to thank their patrons. This get-together now rapidly expanding into a larger gathering with big party potential, would not only help promote the shows in Mexico that many international riders know and love, but also give a few select sponsors a chance to say thank you, with no strings attached. Just come and have fun. And in today’s economy that is a welcome invitation.

So fast-forward to last Sunday night. Allon Fine Equestrian Clothing along with CWD Sellier, EquiFit, inc, and ShowBiz Magazine came together brilliantly to honor the Equsport and Copexpan horse shows and hosted the best party of the season, if not the year. The West Coast equestrian set needed a great soiree and this group of sponsors endured a last minute venue change and still delivered. There were goody bags that included awesome sweatshirts produced by Allon, great information on the 2010 Mexican Circuit, a cool EquiFit, inc. catalog, CWD swag and a ShowBiz magazine. Plus tasty Middle Eastern morsels, a belly dancer who entertained while wearing a lit candelabra on her head, a fabulous DJ that rocked the house, especially after 10pm, and of course great company. What does that equal? A smashing success.

Thank you Equsport and Copexpan, Allon Fine Equestrian Clothing, CWD Sellier, EquiFit, inc. and ShowBiz magazine for generously hosting this memorable event.