Industry Innovators: Kompeet

Kompeet with Kenneth
After eight years with CWD, Kenneth Vinther has taken a leap of faith. The well-connected, experienced salesman and horseman started 2011 by launching a new distribution company, Innordic USA. No longer dealing in leather, Kenneth is now supplementing the horse world with products that are already taking Europe by storm. One of the revolutionary supplements is a natural energy product, Kompeet. Kenneth has already seen impressive results in a variety of horses in several disciplines since he recently introduced Kompeet here in the United States.

Knowing the proof is in the documented changes, he shared some of these success stories. With notable excitement in his voice, Kenneth further explained the reasons he chose this new route.

EqSol: So how did this career change come about?
KV: My good friend and old trainer Johnny Hansen has all of his horses on Kompeet and he put me in touch with the company. I’ve been talking with them since last summer and it evolved from there.

EqSol: What’s the product that changed your life and apparently can changes the lives of countless horses…
KV: The one product that inspired me is this new nutritional product for horses, Kompeet. The way it works is very interesting. It is an energy supplement that is derived from fat, not sugar. I’ll explain.

A horse’s digestive system can only physically breakdown so much fat, due to acids in the stomach. Horses are foraging animals, built to eat grass in a pasture all day. Due to this they have a naturally slow digestive system. Most injuries and stress in horses are due to lactic acid, lack of strength which all goes back to a lack of sufficient energy in their diet.

A European engineer developed a way to blend four types of digestive fat into a water-soluble vegetable fat. This provides a pure source of fat for both energy and weight gain. The key is due to the water solubility the horse will get 100% benefit. This is a huge benefit for high performance horses as well as hard to keep horses. This type of energy is called cold energy and it doesn’t have the highs and lows of energy derived from sugar.

EqSol: Don’t high-energy feeds provide this source of fat? Or what about other supplements?
KV: That’s just it – they don’t. It is not in any high-energy feeds. Yes the feeds have fat but it isn’t water-soluble. That is the simple but important key to how it works.

Kompeet can easily be combined with other supplements. It is 100% pure vegetable fat, derived to increase energy; it has no added vitamins & minerals.

There is no competing product available on the market that can do what Kompeet does for horses.

EqSol: You have testimonials. Tell us about these stories.
KV: Besides the great results from Europe, I’ve tried the product with several horses here. All different horses, different levels and different experience – all saw results in a month.

I tested it on a 17 y.o., 17h Holsteiner dressage horse. He required a ton of feed just to keep his energy up, especially when he was competing. Another test was with a warmblood mare competing in the 1.50m division. They had tried everything to keep weight and muscle on this mare without success. And the third was a young warmblood that also wouldn’t keep weight on and was low energy, lethargic.

From day one these three horses all had the highest amount recommended of 14 ounces per day. You can feed less but more than 14 ounces has no higher effect. After two to four weeks the results were phenomenal. ALL the horses improved. They look and feel great. The dressage horse is doing better than ever, plus his feed has been reduced by 1/3. The mare is not only more buff, with increased weight and muscle but she is less marish and more energetic about her job. And the young horse developed more muscles and his performance improved dramatically at the shows there after.

These results stem directly from the right amount of energy and balance in the muscle. Pure energy.

EqSol: And that is just on those few cases. Do you see more potential?
KV: The potential is incredible, from the retired horse that needs to keep weight on to the high-level performance horses in all disciplines. It acts fast. You can control the amount you feed. For example you can maintain and then during a competition you can bump it up. There are no side effects or negative aspects.

EqSol: How do you find out more and where can you purchase?
KV: It will be available through my company, Innordic USA; I am the only US distributor. I’m now working on having it more readily available through some exclusive retailers as well as through veterinarians. For example Kompeet is now available at Beval’s at WEF and Rolling Meadows in Thermal. I also had a booth at AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners). The response from the veterinarians was huge; a light went on they saw the potential right away.

Other innovative products coming to the United States through Innordic USA include organic products for hooves, an Omega 3 Fish Oil as well as an organic treatment for riding arenas which eliminates the need of watering for up to 15 months. All products are scientifically based and engineered for the Equestrian world.

Thank you Kenneth for giving us the new supplement scoop. Congratulations on your business venture. Seems certain many will soon be seeking to Kompeet with Kenneth.

Equestrian Adventures

By Sydney Masters Durieux

Kenneth Vinther
CWD US Sales Support Manager Kenneth Vinther is a familiar face on the grounds of internationally acclaimed show jumping competitions. He can often be found discussing tack with top trainers, chatting about future goals with both young and elite riders, or making plans with show management. But the 39-year-old Danish immigrant can also be seen mounted in his own CWD saddle competing in the jumpers.

Kenneth began his career in the horse world in Europe when he was 14. Initially he excelled in vaulting, but later changed his focus to riding and training. Certified instructor and professional are on his resume.

“I never had my own horse before moving to America,” explained Kenneth, who now has Amateur status. “By chance, I got involved with CWD and I was the first sales rep here on the West Coast.” He and his wife, dressage rider Karen Ball, now call the private community of Coto de Caza in Southern California home base. But he travels extensively to introduce equestrian enthusiasts around the globe to CWD’s precision products.

Seoul in the SpringKenneth Vinther in Seoul Korea
In March, Kenneth was invited to compete as an individual at the Korean Racing Authority’s (KRA) annual CSI 2* show jumping event held at the Seoul Olympic Equestrian Park. “I have been doing business with the horse community there for some time now, and I received a personal invitation from the Korean Equestrian Federation (KEF).” He joined riders from Asia, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and the United States for three days of competition.

“You must have an international rider’s number to compete there, which I didn’t have at the time,” he admitted with a smile. “I had to call my old trainer Johnny Hansen, who is a judge back home. He went to the Danish Riding Association on my behalf to get me a number. The day I arrived in Seoul was the day it actually came through. It was a good thing, as they can disqualify you without one!”

On their first day, the visitors met at the stadium to draw straws and determine their mount for weekend. “Each of the Korean riders had to bring two horses; one for them to show, and the second for the guest competitor. Most were German bred and I rode a 10 year old warmblood named Centorio 25. He was a very nice, powerful, and scopey horse, but a little bit tricky,” he admitted. “We were allowed to flat for 20 minutes, and then jump six fences.”

A little nightlife Seoul-style followed. “We were invited out to experience the local bars and restaurants and went to a very traditional Korean place, where we sat on the floor for dinner. Then we headed out to a Karaoke bar, which is huge there.” Everyone participated in the entertainment, and Vinther belted out a tune by Elton John. “They love whiskey,” he laughed, “and they drink tons of it. It was fun and interesting to see the different cultures, meet new contacts and riders. Everybody was cool.”

Show jumpers in Seoul  The following morning the foreigners were picked up from the Ritz Carlton and transported to stadium for their first over fences test. “It was a speed class, essentially a warm up, with just one round. Each country had a team,” recalled Kenneth, “but I was the only representative of Denmark.” Thomas Holz of Germany won the 1.30m individual class, with Jack Hardin Towell, Jr. of the US taking second. Kenneth had one rail and was just out of the ribbons.

On the final last day there was a two-round class set at 1.40-1.45m. “The officials and course designer were all Korean. The courses were fair, big, and technical – but in a good way. It was televised later in the day, which was great as I was able to watch.” This time Jamie Kermond of Australia won the individual and Linn Widmark of Sweden placed second, with Vinther coming in tenth place.

Seoul Summarized
“Gaming is huge in Korea, but they really want to expand beyond racing, and are focusing on show jumping,” Kenneth explained as he watched the action that was happening on the grand prix field at the Blenheim Spring Classic II. “They have already established their breeding program for racing and are now doing the same thing with jumpers. They have a KRA show jumping team and are embracing the sport in a big way. They want to make the KRA Cup a CSI3* event next year.”CWD fans in Korea

When asked about the experience overall, he explained, “I feel that the Koreans are very serious, good riders. The sport is growing in popularity, with more than 300 riding clubs, and a horse show series. The event was run very well. The KRA sponsors their riding, training and breeding programs, and they are sending their riders to Germany, as well as to California for the summer shows.” And about Korea? “I stayed for a week, took a few tours, and explored the city of Seoul, which is huge with more than 10 million people.”

It seems through his myriad experiences in and out of the saddle, Kenneth Vinther certainly has an equestrian soul. Learning from his adventure, we now know to watch for talented riders coming our way from Seoul. One Korean rider that lives here in the US caught our eye last year, Michael Whang. Under the tutelage of Duncan McIntosh, this talented and driven equestrian is another one to watch.

Thank you Kenneth for your Seoul story.

Extracurricular Activities

By Jackie McFarland

iViva Mexico!

After exhibiting in southern California for the summer season, we wish the Mexican riders well on returning to their beautiful country. Certainly not going home empty-handed, this group of equestrians earned countless ribbons and quite a bit of prize money during their six-week stay, including wins and top ribbons in the last five grand prix events. Details are in this week’s highlights and in previous newsletters.

Two of these top show jumpers, Olympians Enrique Gonzales and Antonio Chedraui, also wear show manager hats down in Mexico with their respective companies Equsport and Coapexpan. Wanting to find a way to promote their shows, Enrique and Equsport partner Federico Fernandez approached Monica Ward, well-known not only for her position with Allon Fine Equestrian Clothing and J2 Rolling Meadows but also for her social skills, about hosting a small gathering in Del Mar. Once Monica embraced the idea, it was full steam ahead.

Monica took this opportunity to organize a few great sponsors and convince them that it was time to thank their patrons. This get-together now rapidly expanding into a larger gathering with big party potential, would not only help promote the shows in Mexico that many international riders know and love, but also give a few select sponsors a chance to say thank you, with no strings attached. Just come and have fun. And in today’s economy that is a welcome invitation.

So fast-forward to last Sunday night. Allon Fine Equestrian Clothing along with CWD Sellier, EquiFit, inc, and ShowBiz Magazine came together brilliantly to honor the Equsport and Copexpan horse shows and hosted the best party of the season, if not the year. The West Coast equestrian set needed a great soiree and this group of sponsors endured a last minute venue change and still delivered. There were goody bags that included awesome sweatshirts produced by Allon, great information on the 2010 Mexican Circuit, a cool EquiFit, inc. catalog, CWD swag and a ShowBiz magazine. Plus tasty Middle Eastern morsels, a belly dancer who entertained while wearing a lit candelabra on her head, a fabulous DJ that rocked the house, especially after 10pm, and of course great company. What does that equal? A smashing success.

Thank you Equsport and Copexpan, Allon Fine Equestrian Clothing, CWD Sellier, EquiFit, inc. and ShowBiz magazine for generously hosting this memorable event. 

EquestriSol News: March 29, 2007

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Hunter Jumper Magazine
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Sidelines Magazine
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Fundraising Fun at Horse Shows in the Sun!
More than 300 people came out on Saturday, March 10th to raise money for West Coast Active Riders at the 2007 WCAR Annual fundraising party “Casino Night.” The lively event, raised upwards of $50,000 to support Show Jumping on the West Coast. Live auction prizes included a CWD saddle, a French Bulldog puppy, a week at a beachfront home in Hawaii including airfare, and a weekend of training and socializing with World Cup veteran, Will Simpson. The silent auction featured everything from exotic weekend trips to VIP boxes at concerts and horse shows to a Prada handbag and riding gear. Sponsors for the event were J-2/Rolling Meadows, CWD, Camelot Homes, Nate Nathan and Associates, and Stateside Farms, Inc.

Congratulations to the winners of the other fabulous fundraising efforts at HITS:
WCAR Raffle: Mickey Hayden won the fabulous red golf cart generously sponsored by the Buie’s & Fairbanks Valley Farm. Over 200 tickets sold!
WCAR Young Riders Membership Drive: “The KB Girls” (Tina DiLandri, Hannah Selleck and Natasha Traurig) won the course walks with Bernie Traurig at the upcoming 2007 World Cup Finals in April. Over 75 memberships sold!
WCAR Barn Fundraising: When barns were pitted against each other with the group raising the largest total cash donation winning stabling and entry fees for one horse at next year’s HITS Thermal Circuit, donated by HITS, Inc. along with six plaza level tickets to the World Cup, sponsored by Bernie & Caitlin Traurig and Mike & Christa Endicott, Willow Tree won with Acres West coming in second. Over 10 teams participated raising ~$50k.

Spruce Trials Begin
Good luck to the sixty competitors vying for one of 16 positions on the WCAR Spruce Prix de Nations Teams.

WCAR Prix de Nations
With fourteen teams of four and a number of individual rides, the first round of the Prix de Nations had over eighty competitors jumping at the 1.10m, 1.20m, 1.30m, and 1.40m levels. Not only did the class offer riders a unique opportunity to compete on a team, it was also the first selection trial for the WCAR Spruce Meadows Prix de Nations teams heading to Canada this summer. Forming a star-studded line-up for the evening was Chef D’Equipe Craig Starr, with Kelli Johnston, Barbara Ellison, Morgan Taylor and Maile Rehnberg, who collectively had just 5 faults for the win.

On a beautiful course under the lights of the Del Mar Arena, the $50,000 Antarès Grand Prix had eight horses jump the Michel Vaillancourt designed course clean in front of a cheering crowd of thousands. John Pearce and Archie Bunker were the first to ride the jump off, setting a seemingly unbeatable time. Numerous riders tried but victory appeared to be Pearce’s, until second-to-last in the ring Chris Pratt on C&S Partnership’s Live Fire shaved milliseconds off Pearce’s time for the lead. Stable mate Conquest of Paradiso ridden by Richard Spooner was the last to go. They beat the time but with two rails. Victory went to Live Fire & Pratt.