EquestriSol News: November 29, 2011

Happily living in both California and Kentucky, we have a wide range of cool projects in development. We are pleased to announce some of our latest releases from ads to web. Nighthorse Farms went through several changes in 2011, including a new ad campaign and a facelift to their web site. The Facebook feed in their new News section allows them to keep a fresh web site while updating their Facebook page. Something to consider if your web site needs an update but your latest news is on your Facebook page. We are happy to help implement some fresh new innovations to your current site…

Lauren Hester had a fabulous finish to the 2011 season, including a Grand Prix win at Sacramento earlier this month. Her new web site at Hester Equestrian is live.

We’ve already started work for Blenheim EquiSports 2012, from Holiday Gift Certificates to new season sensations, so keep an eye out. Before 2012 kicks in with a big bang we will be releasing several more web sites that are underway.

We are looking forward to a stellar 2012, as we enter into some new strategic partnerships, develop new ways to do what we do best and enjoy the journey. What can we do for you?