EquestriSol News: December 24, 2007

Waldenbrook Farm had another fantastic year, illustrated by their ad campaign and web site. We welcome both Karen Healey Stables & Acres West – look for their ads in your favorite magazines and a new web site for KHS is in the works. We’re excited about the new IPPOS ad campaign and also welcome Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law who will have a new ad campaign in 2008.

Emerald Glenn – An Equestrian Community is developing literally and virtually. They are clearing the area for the new equestrian center and taking lot reservations. Next phase coming during winter 2008.

Developing a great relationship with Oaks-Blenheim via our newsletter at their shows, we are proud to continue the newsletter and more in 2008. From ads to web and various projects in-between, we are looking forward to working with the Blenheim Equisports management team. Speaking of EquestriSol Newsletters – we are the exclusive newsletter at HITS-Thermal and plan to hit AZ as well.

We are also proud of our affiliation with this group, we truly believe they are going to make this Thermal a circuit to remember. Although there is a lot of buzz about what’s happening out there, it is due to the investments of numerous show managers over the last few decades (or so) that has given the west coast a chance to host better horse shows, develop stronger riders and aim to be competitive nationally and internationally. Yes, the horses and riders who attend these shows deserve the best and we envision this year to be one where exhibitors and managers come together.

EquestriSol News: November 20, 2008

We are excited to report a number of web projects, including developing web sites for Pegasus Show Stable and Harley Brown Equestrian. You may have seen the ads we designed for Pegasus, so we’re looking forward to building their online presence. We also completed a new logo for Harley Brown Equestrian, soon to be seen online and in print ads.

We’re in the final stretch with the new site for LaSalle Farms. Just started to work with Dr. Jenny Johnson of Oakhill Shockwave whose experience in animal therapy we find fascinating. We have officially launched the new e-commerce site for Brown Beauty Equestrian. Very exciting for everyone involved!

Still in the equestrian community arena, we are now developing the web site for Emerald Glenn. We also just agreed to complete a study for another community in the mountains on the east coast. Very interesting to see how these communities are on the rise.

IPPOS International made the cover of SIDELINES magazine plus a write up in the gift section. Check it out! And look for discounts available through both Brown Beauty Equestrian and Creative Saddlery. Start your holiday shopping early and be ready for next year’s show season. Order soon!

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Stay tuned for unique marketing opportunities available from EquestriSol in 2008 – from ad campaigns to web development to an expanded newsletter schedule we are planning for a big year. Contact us for all of your marketing needs, we look forward to finding a solution that suits your goals.