Industry Innovators: Cavalor

By Katie Kotarak

The Cavalor brand is a comprehensive product line that addresses the diversity of nutritional requirements for the equine world. After 20 successful years in the European market, Cavalor decided to bring their winning grain formula to North America. Just over a year ago, the Belgium-based company made their scientifically designed feed, Cavalor Perfomix, available to the Canadian and US markets.

Since 1989, Cavalor has developed innovative ideas and approaches to equine nutrition. By combining true and applied scientific research with the experimental knowledge gained through field-testing, the result is a great product that makes a difference in the health of the horse.

“There is no product on the market like Cavalor Perfomix,” Kristine Partin, Cavalor’s California Territory Manager, explained. “It takes a lot of education to create and market a quality product like this because feed goes far beyond what is printed on the label. Cavalor grain has been put into a form that is more soluble for the horses’ digestive systems and more absorbent.” When compared to other feed, Cavalor’s puffed cereal design allows the grain to stay in the horse’s stomach for a longer period of time, allowing enzymes more time to digest the nutrients.

In addition to the digestibility of Cavalor feed being second to none, Partin wants to impart the importance of the grain’s stability, high vitamin levels and wholesome content.

“Other feeds may have the same fat and the same proteins in their product but Cavalor is healthier because instead of getting 30% out of a handful of grain, like the horses do with a domestic grain, they eat our product and absorb all of the nutrients and minerals because the ingredients are in the best, most digestible form possible,” Partin reiterated. “Cavalor Perfomix is natural; there is no sugar, no molasses, everything is pure.”

In Partin’s experience, International riders such as Jos Lansink, Eric Lamaze and Anky Van Grunsven, have fed Cavalor not only because of the grain’s content, but also because of the product’s high levels of quality control. The brand also stands apart from other grain and supplement brands because their entire line of products test cleanly during drug inspections at all levels of completion throughout the world.

“Olympic level athletes are feeding Cavalor grain because our food is consistent; they can get the same bag of food everywhere they go,” Partin said. “Whether competing in California, Sweden, Germany, Barcelona or anywhere else, riders can rest assured that they can get the same grain for their horsesbecause all of Cavalor’s products are coming from the same factory; you can’t say that for other grains.”

Jumping into a new market takes time and Cavalor’s marketing team is busy spreading the word, including discounts and deals available to interested customers. “Right now we are trying to get the product out there and known in this country. So far, so good – every month we get a little better and every day we change the rules to adjust to the new market,” Partin admitted. “We want to reach trainers and let them know we offer bulk discounts to barns who can take direct shipments of 40 bags or more.”

For more information on Cavalor feed, supplement and care products, please visit or contact Kristine Partin directly at (609) 672-0063.