EquestriSol News: March 22, 2011

On the projects completed so far this year front, we hear that the NARG Top 25 booklet we produced in January has started many conversations and opened quite a few eyes. As an advocacy organization, the North American Riders Group analyzed and rated the top 25 horse shows in North America.

We happily launched a brand new website for Hap Hansen Stables. Loved doing logos for Makoto Farms and will soon finish one for Chance Arakelian. Ads abound for for Joie Gatlin, Crown Affair, the newly united Nighthorse Farm, Traci and Carleton Brooks’ Balmoral Farm, Freelance Show Jumping and of course, Blenheim EquiSports…

Staying busy but always up for some great equestrian action, we traveled to both Thermal (briefly, as Selena kept an eye on things) and Wellington this winter. Have to admit the next best thing to being there was watching the USEF Network for Wellington highlights and SJUTV for happenings at Thermal!

Do You Tweet, Facebook and Check your Email Before Breakfast?
So taking a moment to ponder what we’ve accomplished over the last decade and the possibilities of the next, I realize how much interacting has changed in recent years. When I started this venture, many of my equestrian contacts didn’t have email. The pace is fast and sometimes it feels we need to stop the clock in order to catch up. We are spending as many hours as we can spare soaking up the ‘conversation’ and making plans to take a bigger leap into the future.

Speaking of the conversation, social media is the true madness we are all living at the moment. Over one billion tweets are sent during the course of a week, and hundreds of millions of people are on ‘FB’ connecting with anyone and everyone, essentially whoever is joining in at that moment or possibly a few hours before. Isn’t it fascinating that Facebook has become the world’s word of mouth. We are connecting in ways that we never imagined. Blogging is bountiful. When I have the time, I enjoy Erin Gilmore’s well-written and witty On The Line Blog. And if you aren’t Kristin Medall Simpson Hardin’s Facebook friend you are missing out on some hilarious anecdotes. I am not a social media addict. I just don’t have the time. The day could come as I can definitely see the draw. However I do check my email on my phone before I get out of bed…