Sponsor Stories: Royal Champion

By Erin Gilmore

Royal Choices for Horses
Choosing which supplement to give your horse is a little like walking down the grocery aisle at Costco; the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming.

But when looking at the history and reliance of Royal Champion supplements, the choice suddenly becomes simple. Thirty-five years after its inception, the company that has its roots in the racing industry is still going strong.
Royal Champion Supplements
Dr. Trevor Cook, Royal Nutritionist to England’s Queen Elizabeth II, developed Royal Champion in the early ‘70s. Since then, the product has evolved into a line of supplements whose specific benefits range from hoof strength, muscle conditioning to coat shine. In 1992, racing trainer Dianna DiCastro bought the worldwide rights to Royal Champion and extended its reach across the pond to the California racing community, and later the hunter/jumper market.

Fed in powder form over grain or bran, Royal Champion can be given all year round, and benefits horses both in training and off. Considered a multi-purpose supplement, Royal Champion provides hoof and joint support, making it a popular alternative to feeding a handful of different supplements. Joie Gatlin and Odyssey

The high levels of vitamins A and D, and macro and micro-minerals in Royal Champion give it broad-reaching benefits that affect the whole horse. Without exception, Joie Gatlin, of Joie Gatlin-Morley Abey Show Jumping in San Juan Capistrano, puts all new horses that come into her barn onto the Royal Champion program.

“Whenever we have new horses come into the barn, we put them on it,” Gatlin comments. “Once we’ve had them on the product after 30 days we always see a difference in their energy and their coat.”

Joie uses Royal Champion with her entire string of horses. “It’s been a staple in my feeding regiment for fifteen years,” says Gatlin. “From my grand prix horses to the amateurs, all of my horses are on it. I think it can rival any other products of its kind out there.”

The benefits of recovery are a key factor for Joie and other users of Royal Champion. While the Premium and Premium Plus supplements replace any inconsistencies that might surface in a horse’s daily hay ration, the nutritional benefits also help going grand prix or high-level performance horses recover quicker after an intense workout. Hap Hansen is another longtime user of Royal Champion, and attests to the significant difference in his horses’ coats, condition and quick recovery time after a tough round.

Riders that use Royal Champion prove with their performances that they’ve literally found a winning formula for their horses; at the 2010 HITS Desert Circuit, Gatlin won the March 6th $50,000 World Cup Qualifying Grand Prix with Camaron Hills Quick Dollar. Olympian Guy Thomas followed in fifth place with Carino. But on March 14th, during the concluding class of the circuit, Thomas scored his biggest finish of the season, coming in second in the $300,000 Lamborghini Grand Prix of the Desert with his longtime partner Peterbilt.

Thomas’ trainers and parents, Butch and Lu Thomas, have made Royal Champion part of their program since 1998. As coaches of the North American Young Riders team and directors of a multi-facility training program, they use Royal Champion vitamins in their stables. “We run a very busy business, and are on the road at least 25 weeks of the year,” says Guy. “Royal Champion helps our horses stay in condition and deal with the stress of travel so I can depend on them in the ring. It will always be part of our supplement program.”

So when shopping for supplements, perhaps the above accolades will help you make a decision to try Royal Champion. In 30 days or less you may see a difference in your horse’s performance.

EquestriSol News: January 31, 2008

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EquestriSol News: Decemeber 14, 2006

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