Industry Innovators: Innordic USA

By Jackie McFarland

Kompeet with Kenneth
After eight years with CWD, Kenneth Vinther has taken a leap of faith. The well-connected, experienced salesman and horseman started 2011 by launching a new distribution company, Innordic USA. No longer dealing in leather, Kenneth is now supplementing the horse world with products that are already taking Europe by storm. One of the revolutionary supplements is a natural energy product, Kompeet. Kenneth has already seen impressive results in a variety of horses in several disciplines since he recently introduced Kompeet here in the United States.

Knowing the proof is in the documented changes, he shared some of these success stories. With notable excitement in his voice, Kenneth further explained the reasons he chose this new route.

EqSol: So how did this career change come about?
 My good friend and old trainer Johnny Hansen has all of his horses on Kompeet and he put me in touch with the company. I’ve been talking with them since last summer and it evolved from there.

EqSol: What’s the product that changed your life and apparently can changes the lives of countless horses…
 The one product that inspired me is this new nutritional product for horses, Kompeet. The way it works is very interesting. It is an energy supplement that is derived from fat, not sugar. I’ll explain.

A horse’s digestive system can only physically breakdown so much fat, due to acids in the stomach. Horses are foraging animals, built to eat grass in a pasture all day. Due to this they have a naturally slow digestive system. Most injuries and stress in horses are due to lactic acid, lack of strength which all goes back to a lack of sufficient energy in their diet.

A European engineer developed a way to blend four types of digestive fat into a water-soluble vegetable fat. This provides a pure source of fat for both energy and weight gain. The key is due to the water solubility the horse will get 100% benefit. This is a huge benefit for high performance horses as well as hard to keep horses. This type of energy is called cold energy and it doesn’t have the highs and lows of energy derived from sugar.

EqSol: Don’t high-energy feeds provide this source of fat? Or what about other supplements?
 That’s just it – they don’t. It is not in any high-energy feeds. Yes the feeds have fat but it isn’t water-soluble. That is the simple but important key to how it works.

Kompeet can easily be combined with other supplements. It is 100% pure vegetable fat, derived to increase energy; it has no added vitamins & minerals.

There is no competing product available on the market that can do what Kompeet does for horses.

EqSol: You have testimonials. Tell us about these stories.
 Besides the great results from Europe, I’ve tried the product with several horses here. All different horses, different levels and different experience – all saw results in a month.

I tested it on a 17 y.o., 17h Holsteiner dressage horse. He required a ton of feed just to keep his energy up, especially when he was competing. Another test was with a warmblood mare competing in the 1.50m division. They had tried everything to keep weight and muscle on this mare without success. And the third was a young warmblood that also wouldn’t keep weight on and was low energy, lethargic.

From day one these three horses all had the highest amount recommended of 14 ounces per day. You can feed less but more than 14 ounces has no higher effect. After two to four weeks the results were phenomenal. ALL the horses improved. They look and feel great. The dressage horse is doing better than ever, plus his feed has been reduced by 1/3. The mare is not only more buff, with increased weight and muscle but she is less marish and more energetic about her job. And the young horse developed more muscles and his performance improved dramatically at the shows there after.

These results stem directly from the right amount of energy and balance in the muscle. Pure energy.

EqSol: And that is just on those few cases. Do you see more potential?
 The potential is incredible, from the retired horse that needs to keep weight on to the high-level performance horses in all disciplines. It acts fast. You can control the amount you feed. For example you can maintain and then during a competition you can bump it up. There are no side effects or negative aspects.

EqSol: How do you find out more and where can you purchase?
 It will be available through my company, Innordic USA; I am the only US distributor. I’m now working on having it more readily available through some exclusive retailers as well as through veterinarians. For example Kompeet is now available at Beval’s at WEF and Rolling Meadows in Thermal. I also had a booth at AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners). The response from the veterinarians was huge; a light went on they saw the potential right away. Innordic - Natural Horse Products

Other innovative products coming to the United States through Innordic USA include organic products for hooves, an Omega 3 Fish Oil as well as an organic treatment for riding arenas which eliminates the need of watering for up to 15 months. All products are scientifically based and engineered for the Equestrian world.

Thank you Kenneth for giving us the new supplement scoop. Congratulations on your business venture. Seems certain many will soon be seeking to Kompeet with Kenneth.