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Ponies, private jets, Lamborghinis & little girls (Oh, my!)
When the dust settles in this little desert town, are you in Emerald City? Why yes, Dorothy. Surrounded by glittering ponies, grand prix mounts, both of which change colors and collect colorful ribbons, fancy planes and automobiles and all sorts of horse crazy munchkins (large and small), you certainly aren’t in Kansas.

During Week VI of the 2011 HITS Desert Circuit, HITS partnered with its sponsors to raise the bar, enhance the current winter circuit competitor’s experience, and continue to entice participants to follow the yellow brick road to this small, sunny, albeit salty town of Thermal.

Lamborghinis at HITS Thermal from Lamborghini Newport Beach
Photo by Cheval Photos

Looking Through the Crystal Ball
Whether you are an equestrian, golfer, rider, shopper or dining connoisseur there’s definitely an abundance of world-class course designs, boutiques with sparkly ruby slippers, and restaurants within 30 minutes of the HITS Desert Horse Park. Not to mention the European feel of the facility’s indoor arena and the outdoor Oasis Club, with catered VIP. It’s a place where sponsors can enjoy some desert time plus network and be a part of the equestrian community.

Donny Gath with his family at HITS
Photo by Cheval Photos

This yellow brick road is perfectly paved for car-crazy dads and their horse crazy daughters to come together and relish in the luxury of fast cars, private planes and fancy ponies.

One such dad is Donny Gath, owner of Lamborghini Newport Beach. Sponsors of the biggest money class in California, the $200,000 Lamborghini Grand Prix of the Desert, Gath entered this arena because of his 9-year-old, horse-crazy daughter Kendall. Even on school days, this aspiring rider is up at 6am to ride before heading to class by 8:45am. In her second year of competing, Kendall rode in the medium pony division aboard her two ponies at HITS Thermal. Her commitment is paying off – she won a class with 37 entries and earned a Championship. So is her trainer the wicked witch? No, notes the little equestrian, Tracy Baer of Windsong Farm is “really good,” says Kendall. “She pushes me and makes me better.” No witches on the circuit, only fairy godmothers. Right?

The Vision is Clear
For many of the horse show competitors, from young Kendall to world class rider Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, HITS Thermal is not only a horse show but a family affair. It is a home away from home where they can while away the hours enjoying what the desert has to offer. With four little girls, and only one who rides, Thermal is a weekend escape for the Gath family. However, the branding and networking opportunities are clear to business owners like Gath and Lamborghini. For the Beerbaums, Thermal means business, a place to build their string and teach their clients plus have a semblance of family life. For both families, this Emerald City called HITS Thermal is a triple crown – competition, family and business all in one.

Enjoying the outdoors, with gorgeous sports cars adorning the grand prix arena, having lunch with friends while watching top sport horses on a sunny afternoon… There’s no place like HITS.



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