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By Jackie McFarland

Greg Mech & Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
The Causes that We Care About
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management  Aside from being responsible for the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Business and Strategy for the Southwest Region of Merrill Lynch as well as the Market President for Bank of America acting as the senior executive for local businesses, civic and philanthropic leadership for Bank of America in Orange County, Greg Mech loves horses.

“I actually ride!” he exclaimed during our interview. “I ride with Dana Smith, a trainer who has been in San Juan Capistrano for 27 years and operates a wonderful teaching facility.”

Sponsorships support our community, in this case the community of show jumping. To be involved in a community connects you to the heartbeat and nothing raises the heartbeat like watching a Grand Prix.
Greg Mech and Atlantic
Help2 Support Sport 
Mech shares, “Merrill Lynch is proud to return as a sponsor. Grand Prix Show Jumping is such an incredible sport, the horses and riders are truly amazing athletes.”

Those of us on the inside often forget to step back and look at our sport. It is extraordinary – from the horses that develop into top performers to the riders of all ages and aspirations committed to show jumping. This is the only Olympic level sport where men and women compete equally, both horse and rider. And we will witness that during the $30,000 June Classic Grand Prix, made possible by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

Help2 Give Back to the Community
Mech went on to explain that the sponsorship reflects the firm’s commitment to the community of Orange County, as well as their admiration for the sport. Giving back to the community benefits clients as well as the corporate employees that in turn support Merrill Lynch.

“We’ve been in Orange County for more than forty years and are dedicated to serving the needs of our investors. We are also proud of our long-standing relationship with Blenheim EquiSports, which has lasted more than a quarter century.”

Again for those of us who live within a community and enjoy the offerings generated by sponsorship, we don’t always realize all the people behind these events and the relationships they’ve formed that lead to a fabulous Grand Prix and Kids Day.

Help2 Achieve
“In the past year of economic turbulence, it was challenging to encourage clients to be more rational than emotional.” Mech admits. “Despite the challenge, we have been successful in helping our clients feel more confident about the recovery by keeping them informed about the markets through our top research analysts.” The leading wealth management and investment services firm is taking charge in developing new ways to guide clients in re-evaluating their priorities in a new world. Focusing on what matters most, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management is centered on the enduring relationships with their clients.

“Our clients bring us more than their financial needs – they look to us to help make their lives better. It’s our job to foster that relationship and champion their interests by being one step ahead.”

Providing comprehensive solutions and sound advice has never been more critical. With their extensive resources, Merrill Lynch Financial Advisors are prepared to help you achieve your goals no matter what storms the economic climate has in store.

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