A Stable Story: Hidden Valley

Hunt on over to Hidden Valley or Moorpark with Mark Bone

By Jackie McFarland

The word is out that Mark now has two locations in two very private settings, one owned by a client in Moorpark and the other at a facility made famous via its fabulous amenities, the family behind it and the horses they developed, Sandstone.

Knowing the expansive beauty of Sandstone, when I sat down to discuss the details, my first question was why go horse show when you can ride at Sandstone every day? Mark answered with a laugh, “It is majestic and quite lovely. Ideal as a training facility. That’s just it, you can win a lot of classes at home, but to see what you’ve accomplished through all the training happens at the horse show.” And you’ll always be glad to come home again!

Part of the move included a redefining of his business, which Mark calls a boutique program. “Catered to the individual, we customize a winning program unique to that person,” he explained. “We are clear on what we do best. Our strengths are in smaller numbers, not big. We tried big, it wasn’t a good fit.”

A custom fit program at a 52-acre facility where you can ride and train in numerous settings including a 3/8 mile training track, Grand Prix field, gymnastic dressage and large jumping arenas plus miles of trails has plenty of rewards. Mark agrees, “The days of getting on and hacking in the ring for 30 minutes are over. I’m riding more and loving it!”

Of course I asked about Gaby, assuming they had discussed this at length before moving ahead. “Gaby and I have a lot in common, similar interests and have been friends for many years. We are on the same page yet not conflicting in our goals, both believing in focusing on each client independently.”

It was nice to hear Mark say he had new dreams and inspirations. He envisions developing an exchange program with a European student coming here to experience the “American system” and one of his riders spending a month over there. Possibilities in the program – clearly a theme in this newsletter and in the direction of our hunter-jumper industry. Mark summed it up from his perspective, “You need the right program and chemistry – when you have both you’re a winner.”

For more details and photos, see Huntover’s recently launched website.

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